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Why Stretching Your Hip Flexors Is Important for Overall Health and Performance

Hip flexors do a lot more than just help us move our legs. They also play a huge role in maintaining good posture and spinal support such as standing, sitting, and obviously, hip flexion. When these muscles are tight or shortened for long periods of time, it can cause inflammation in which muscle imbalances will eventually occur. This can commonly cause lower back pain, hip pain, and in more severe cases, herniated discs which will lead to poor posture and injuries to the lower back overtime. It can also cause any surrounding muscles to spasm and tightening of the diaphragm, which in turn, will make it difficult for you to breathe deeply.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of people have shorter than normal hip flexors.

If you'd like to get better sleep, first and foremost, take note of your sleeping position. If you already have short or tight hip flexors, sleeping on your side in the fetal position will further shorten the muscle. Try sleeping on your back and try these stretches before heading to bed.

Grab a mat, a large book or a yoga block. Lie down on your back, place the book or block under your pelvis. Stretch your right leg out, bring your left knee into your chest. Focus on your breath and hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Repeat on the left side.


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